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Business Experts Give Their Acclaim...

Astute Business People around the World Are Applauding Paddi's Inventiveness

Paddi's story has been inspiring people around the world for more than a decade now, in most part thanks to the voluminous praise from business experts like Jay Abraham, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Ricardo Semler, Gordon Bethune, Paul Dunn, Brad Sugars, Clive Woodward, Michael Hawker and others.

Paddi's story is real, his ideas work well in other businesses, and you can use them anywhere in the world in a business setting. Not just in dentistry, but in most professional service firms, as well as the financial industry and retail stores.

We receive very kind e-mails and letters daily from around the world. We have recorded some of them here, and throughout the site you will see pull down boxes like this one where you can read what our readers have said.

The Business Experts Speak

Comments about Paddi, his book & his amazing business

Business Experts: Dental Experts:
Brad Sugars Jay Abraham Dr Rich Madow
Paul Dunn Ricardo Semler Helen Parker
Chris Newton Mike Basch Dr Omer K Reed
Brian Sher Kurek Ashley

Paul Dunn is head of Results Accountants Systems, an organisation that teaches business and marketing skills to accountants and their clients on three continents.

"As you read each page of this extraordinary book, you will come to know Paddi as a great philosopher - someone who's taken the most obvious of concepts and presented them in a way they've never been presented before. Paddi's given us a book as important as many of the classically 'great' business books. Not only that, this is not theory. It actually damn well works!"

Mike Basch is a co-founder of Federal Express who now teaches leadership through his company Service Impact.

"This book is a rare treat. The story is one that needs to be trumpeted throughout the world. It is the only business book that I have read twice and continue to read.

Apply Paddi's simple philosophies and you will create a unique business where customers love to buy, employees love to work and owners make lots of money. Would you want more?"

Brad Sugars is a popular Australian speaker and author. He is head of Action International, a company that specialises in marketing advice for business.

"Take the worlds most painful business, add a dentist who is a little zany, and business principles that will revolutionise your life, and you've got this book. It's a journey into the way we all would be doing business - if only we thought of it first.

Paddi's book is an insight into creating a business where everything is simple and yet so well thought out.

Every step in Paddi's journey shows you how to grow a business where people matter - a business designed to succeed into the 21st century.

I've recommended this book to literally thousands of business owners for just one reason, so they'll understand why people are so important, and how you can create an environment where people not only want to work, but want to excel. This book truly is an eye-opener."

Chris Newton chairman of the Results Corporation Australia and author of "The Do-it-Yourself Advertising Guide".

"I really thought that I'd be able to skim this book.. The truth is I started reading and got totally absorbed. I was taken with the understanding, the open style of writing, and the nice little unexpected twists that make reading this volume a pleasure. Paddi has a wonderful touch to the way he writes. Now I've been seduced into reading to the end of the book and I am late for the office. But it was worth it!"

Jay Abraham is a well-respected Californian marketing guru and head of Abraham Publishing.

"A lot of people talk about paradigm shifting, changing our belief systems, etc. But this man is the definitive expert on the subject. If happiness, liberation control and financial security are important to you, study these books. They will change the entire way you look at your life, business and value systems.

I've always been impressed with Paddi, and his story is a model I've used to demonstrate 3 different ethos: 1) Revering your value to yourself and the value that you bring to others. 2) The power of playing life by your own game and your own rules. 3) Having a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

I admire what Paddi has done with his life. I admire what he is trying to do to help others."

Brian Sher heads Vision Publishing, a company that produces book summaries and seminars for people in business.

"Paddi was overworked, underpaid and depressed. His business life a stressful, daily grind.

Now he runs one of Australia's happiest most successful dental practices, with an incredible culture of customer service. Paddi is one of the most relaxed and stress-free business people I know - an inspiration to thousands of others."

Ricardo Semler is an industrialist in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has written an extraordinary book, Maverick, which describes his revolutionary business ideas.

"I liked this book very much. I found it full of innovating and new ways of looking at things. The more one can devise a differentiated point of view ... the more interesting and more efficient the solution."

Kurek Ashley is a motivational speaker and success coach in Australia, and travels the world to lead seminar attendees in break through success strategies. Kurek holds the world record for the longest fire walk.

"Dr Paddi, I would like to thank you for your contribution to making the world a better place by way of your incredible book and great wave of energy that you are sending through your busienss."

Dr Rich Madow is business adviser and the editor of the Richards Report, a highly regarded US based dental newsletter.

"More important than price, location, marketing, or any of the other concepts that too many so- called experts freely discuss, happiness is the basis for exemplary customer service, employee and owner satisfaction, and believe it or not - profits!

Although Paddi's story is told with humour and warmth, it contains essential information that every business owner, retail, service, or otherwise, needs to know.

Sadly, it is the only business book that I have ever read that contains such information.

This book changed my life forever. It is one of the most wonderful books I have ever read. Paddi, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Visit the Richard's Report Website at

Helen Parker is a partner in the UK based Dental Business Solutions Group.

"Paddi is a gentle, modest, unassuming man who gives you the heart to believe that if he can do it, anyone can. He is an inspiration to everyone, whatever walk of life.

This book should be required reading for all MBA students and indeed for anyone going into business. If people could apply Paddi's philosophy when they start in business how much more fun and enjoyable their business lives would be. Paddi offers real hope for those who feel trapped with no way out."

Dr Omer K. Reed is an internationally-known speaker to dental professionals and head of the US Pentegra Group.

"In the 1930's my father gave to me a checklist for business: it should be fun, profitable, win-win for all involved, have honesty and integrity at it's heart and do good for all mankind. Paddi has captured all this in his book.

Building the Happiness-Centred Business is an extraordinary story. Paddi has committed himself to the happiness game. Join him!"