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Extra Value for larger quantity orders

If you wish to purchase quantities of other publications besides our three most popular in paperback (including digital distribution rights) please write to Fletcher Potanin to start a dialogue.

Hello Fletcher,

I managed to talk with Steve Harrison (Spicerhaart Real Estate, UK) last night.

He has a great plan for the 48 copies of Building the Happiness Centred Business that he's buying. He is having them all delivered to his office, then ...

  • Packing them up individually with a special note from him,
  • Sending them to each of his managers with a note on the outside that they are not to open until the 13th of December at 9.00am
  • He'll call them on a conference call and,
  • Send them all home with instructions to read Paddi's book for the day!

He has chatted with Sir Clive Woodward and Clive has talked to him briefly about the Critical Non-Essentials, but encouraged Steve to get his team "on the right track" (with Building the Happiness Centred Business then the CNe's is phase 2.

Steve is already nutting out the next stage of his plan for team development.

Anyhoo ... a good result from chatting. I learned a lot more about how Steve wants to use Paddi's books to inspire and motivate his team.

Kind regards from,


Loretta Cohen
Paddi Guide