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Case Study
Not Drowning, Waving!

How Michael Lucas at Across the Waves transformed his team and lifted net profits by 30% in 16 weeks!


Case Study
The Perfect Storm

How Ed Gibson in Hervey Bay turned a massive loss into a huge profit in 13 months!


The Courtesy System Tool-Kit

Using Paddi's Communication Tools to enhance Enjoyment, Productivity & Profitability.

In Building the Happiness-Centred Business, you read how Paddi raised his stressful unhappy business to high levels of enjoyment and efficiency by using the communication principles of the Courtesy System.

The Tool-Kit will help you through the process of implementing the Communication Tools o the Courtesy System to build a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

Everyone wants to have a happier and more profitable business, but few achieve it. The Courtesy System Tool-Kit can help you find great joy in your business and make more profit at the same time.

Hairdressing is a business which is filled with lots of young people, and as you teach them new skills which unlock their creativity, the combination of youth and ego can jeopardise harmony. That is why I welcomed the Courtesy System and remind my team of its value on a daily basis. Thank you!!!

Domenico Panetta
Fife, Scotland

The Courtesy System Tool-Kit will lead you through the task of re-engineering the social structure of your business.

You will learn about:

  • Creating a "long-term team",
  • Eliminating backbiting and sabotage,
  • How to work more efficiently and earn greater profits,
  • How to have better customers and a happier place for you to work.

From organising the introductory meeting with your team to checking the results of each performance standard, the Tool-Kit will give you detailed instructions and the resources you need to make the change to 'happiness-centred' work place.

The Courtesy System Tool-Kit includes...

Paddi's Courtesy System frees up 40% productivity in most teams.
  • The Instruction Book: The basic 'How to' of implementing the Courtesy System Communication Tools in your own business, plus the tips and traps of which you need most be aware.

  • The Resource Manual: Notes, further practical information and stories to bring alive each Performance Standard.

  • A Progress Checklist: To help you gain the most benefit from the Courtesy System and guide you through the program.

  • A Commitment to Happiness: This display poster will help you and your entire team take a stand and publicly make happiness in the office a goal for everyone. The tool that will help you get everyone on board and keep them committed to change.

  • The Audio Recordings: In his own way Paddi describes his philosophy and his experiences along the road to happiness in business utilising the extraordinary power of his rather simple Courtesy System.

Communication Tools Action Poster

The Courtesy System Plaque contains Dr Paddi Lund's Eight Performance Standards for effective communication in business. By having your own Courtesy System Plaques you will be placed further along the path that will lead you to a more happy, fulfilling, profitable business life.

We have had our intro and meeting one and have 100% buy in from our team. Its interesting and not totally coincidental that business has picked up over the last two weeks and the atmosphere has definitely improved. We are rebranding our business and going through a great deal of change at this time as well as introducing the Courtesy System, so its an exciting time for us.

Rob McGregor
New Zealand

Everyone wants to have a happier and more profitable business, but few achieve it. All the planning and thinking in the world achieves nothing until you do something.

One of the most powerful changes that you can make is to hang Courtesy System Plaques on your office walls and to place the posters in your work areas.

Show Everyone You're Serious About Change

By displaying the Courtesy System, you will show everyone that you are earnest when you say you want a happier, more productive business.

All can see that you really want to build good relationships through effective communication.

Your people will really start to believe that the Courtesy System can work for them when they see that you, yourself, are truly committed.

Client Testimonial
How Paddi's Communication Tools Changed Our Business

A letter of thanks from Michael Lucas, General Manager of Across the Waves Sports Club about how Paddi's seemingly 'simple' system for team communication has added 30% to 50% to his bottom line!

(John is the facilitator who implemented the system with Michael.)

Dear John,

When I first picked up a copy of Building the Happiness Centred Business, I thought, "How the bloody hell could a dentist with half a dozen staff help a Club in the hospitality industry with 80 staff?"

My thoughts could not have been further from the truth. After reading the first few pages, I related to this book straight away, and by the end I was completely immersed in Paddi's ideas. I was thinking to myself how wonderful it was that someone put this stuff on paper.

Paddi described so many examples of common problems at our Club. He wrote about what upset him in his business and life - and the Club and I were going through the exact same things. It was scary, and I had no idea where to start to fix them. They were always aspects of the job that I said I'd get around to one day, hoping that that day would never come so I wouldn't have to face them. And here was Paddi detailing 8 Performance Standards - Communication Tools - that basically fixed the problems I'd always dreaded - and so naturally and simply!

Still, I must say that I was VERY cautious about even mentioning the Courtesy System to my other managers. They might think I was going mad or getting a bit soft. But as I considered it, I reflected that this Courtesy System was one of the most simple and best ideas that I had ever seen in any business. I wanted it, and I also decided I wanted to be the first to introduce it into a club in Queensland (and Australia for that matter).

We invited Paddi to Bundaberg to introduce the basis of the Courtesy System, why he created it, how it works in his business and some of his other thoughts on business (which are really interesting). Then, over the next 24 weeks, John Ahern and Fletcher Potanin of Spirit Taining introduced the Courtesy System to our management and staff (whom we now call our Team).

The result has been a workplace that is at least 80% more relaxed. Staff are getting on with each other. Problems are being solved much quicker and with less fuss. And the business has grown from making $100K to making $130-$150K per month. I really like that part because that makes me extraordinarily happy and hey - I can afford to be a bit more of a softy if the business earns $30 to $50,000 extra per month - no problems!!!!!!!

However, the most satisfying outcome of having the Courtesy System introduced to our club has been that the Club is now an enjoyable place to work! People are happy and having a bit of fun. Let's face it, we're only here for a short time and we spend a large percentage of their lives working. Paddi places an enormous value on this time and has created a system where we can have plenty of fun working and playing.

Give it go! You will really enjoy it!

Michael Lucas
Across the Waves Sports Club Inc.
Bundaberg, AUSTRALIA

And this letter from Garry Smith, Human Resource Manager at Across the Waves

Hi John,

Just a short note to let you know how much the Courtesy System has improved both my home and work life.

First, on the home front, it's been great to have these tools to implement with my family and friends. Both my wife and I have really noticed how the children have started to "react" to the positive ideas and friendly atmosphere bought about by this System.

The major influence however has been in the workplace through your workshops with the staff and managers on Dr Paddi's ideas. It has made my job as Human Resource manager so much easier as I now have a staff that look forward to solving "systems" problems and who encourage each other on a daily basis.

With this system in place, it's hard to imagine how we did so well as a business before these ideas were introduced!

If I were asked to pick one of the Performance Standards that has had the most impact on my life, my answer would be #7 Tell the truth. As simple as it sounds, this along with all the Standards is more difficult than first appears, however the benefits are enormous both personally and on professional level too.

Thank you for introducing me to Dr Paddi's System. I wish you all the best and look forward to our follow up workshops planned for the near future.

Garry Smith
Human Resource Manager
Across the Waves Sports Club
Bundaberg, AUSTRALIA