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Instructions for Digital Downloads

If you have just purchased an Enhanced Digital Edition of one of Paddi's publications, you can now download it to view, read or listen to immediately.

To access your file, please follow these steps.

Steps for Downloading Digital Editions

  1. Click on Digital Downloads at left.
  2. Your new title should appear. Click on it to see the resources for your publication, including your Enhanced Digital Edition.
  3. IF NOT, please log in using the Username and Password created in the first step of the ordering process.
  4. Click on the link marked Downloads on the left-side menu.
  5. If it's an Adobe PDF, make note of your password.
  6. If it's an Adobe PDF, left click to view on-line or right click and 'Save As' to store a copy on your computer.
  7. Enjoy the publication!
For digital editions of Paddi's book series, you'll need Acrobat Reader.

Write immediately if for any reason you have a problem downloading your publication. As soon as we see your message, we'll make special arrangements for you.

If we don't reply immediately, it's only because of the time differences in Australia and your message will be our first priority upon our return.