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Essential Paddi Package

AUD $599.00
All of the Basic Package PLUS the Welcome Book
Implement Paddi's two most powerful systems for immediate results using Paddi's own work as a guide

Many people in professional service firms, once they understand the effectiveness Paddi's 'Welcome Book' can have in business, really want to follow directly in Paddi's footsteps and take advantage of the principles he's discovered.

If Paddi's ideas have really struck a chord with you, and you'd like to get the most leverage out of implementing his systems quickly, then this Package represents tremendous value for you.

The Essential Paddi Package includes the six books and Advanced Manuals detailing Paddi's core systems plus the 'Welcome Book' Construction Kit ... plus the Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit! audio program to tie it all together.

Essential Paddi Package of Dr Paddi Lund's publications includes ...

  • The 'Welcome Book' Construction Kit -- AUD $497.00. Paddi's 'Welcome Book' is his most powerful tool. This kit will help you to write and produce a Welcome Book of your own, modelled directly on Paddi's ... and you'll receive a complete version of his to go by.

  • Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit! - on-line Audio Program -- AUD $197.00. How to attract and educate a steady stream of ideal clients who readily agree to high-end products or services ($10k+) ... in their very first visit to your business! How to integrate the Welcome Book and Critical Non-Essentials into a powerful yet seamless sales system.

  • The Complete Paddi Story Video DVDs & On-line -- AUD $247.00 Where you'll see Paddi present his core concepts in 6 modules. This video DVD is a great way to introduce Paddi's story, an example of Thinking Differently, and unusually effective business ideas to your own business team. It's broken down into chapters and sections that are ideal for 'watch & discuss' team development meetings.

  • 2 copies of each of Paddi's most popular books -- AUD $237.00 Building the Happiness Centred Business, The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials, plus the new release Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force so that you can share the ideas with your team and fully involve them in the systems development process.

  • Plus all 3 Advanced Manuals from the Basic Package -- AUD $297.00. Learn about all the important principles that lie behind Paddi's discoveries so that you can tailor his systems to your particular business and interests.

And, we'll give you these publications as a gift with our compliments ...

  • All 4 Digital Editions of Paddi's books (a value of AUD $119.00)
  • 2 Courtesy System Action Posters (a value of AUD $19.95)
  • The Original Paddi Story Audio CDs & On-Line (a value of AUD $79.95)
  • Plus a healthy package discount

A value of over AUD $1700.00 for ... Total AUD $999.00

The Essential Paddi Package is a fabulous way to begin using Paddi's best ideas, and to include your team in the process. The 'Welcome Book' will have your customers eager to buy your best products and services.

Order your package today to help you on the path to creating a business where you'll earn more, work less and really enjoy the time you spend at the office.

PACKEssential: Essential Paddi Package DIGI

AUD $599.00

Contains All Digital E-Books:

  • The 'Welcome Book' Construction Kit e-book Kit- AUD $197.00
  • Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit! On-line Audio - AUD $197.00
  • Complete Paddi Video Story On-line - AUD $167.00
  • Original Paddi Story Audio On-Line - AUD $44.95

Paddi's most popular digital e-books to inspire your Team:
  • Building the Happiness-Centred Business - AUD $29.95
  • The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials - AUD $29.95
  • Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force - AUD $29.95

Plus Paddi's 3 Advanced Manual e-books from the Basic Paddi Pack:
  • Simply Stunning Customer Service - AUD $29.95
  • The Secret of Customers Who Love to Pay - AUD $29.95
  • Training Cust. to Treasure Your Business - AUD $29.95

This is a value of over AUD $700.00 for just AUD $599.00!