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Publisher's Commentary
Hi there!

Referrals Systems is one of Paddi's greatest innovations. Truly, if you were to see his 'By Invitation Only' system in action, you'd be amazed.

You might want to consider how many referrals you get as a % of new business?

And what could that be if you added some systems to make Referrals more predictable?

I see it all the time with my consulting clients. Referrals truly are one of the greatest untapped sources of growth - more quickly and easily than any advertising you might try.

As you can see, I'm hooked on Referrals ... we've built our business on them! I encourage you to have a good look at this publication.


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Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force

Create a system for referrals ... and harness the power of your own Customer Sales Force!

How Dr Paddi Lund made a 'By Invitation Only' practice and thrived - 'A' class customers on tap with no marketing or advertising and a locked front door.

Create a System for Nurturing Referrals

  • Imagine if you had a business where you didn't have to do any advertising or marketing.
  • Imagine if your current customers were so excited about your business that they brought you all the new customers that you could handle right to your door?
  • And not just everyday run-of-the-mill customers, either.
  • Just suppose your business had an unlimited supply of your best "dream" customers, the ones who love what you do, never complain and are happy to pay your prices?

As amazing as it sounds, Dr Paddi Lund has developed just such a business, and he has done it by creating a simple system that works the same way, over and over again, every single time - with little effort from him or his team.

It took many years and a great deal of attention to bring the system to what it is now, but Paddi will tell you it was well worth it. Now you can benefit from his hard work and insight.

Secrets of a 'By Invitation Only' Business

2:15am - I've just finished the first read through of 'Customer Sales Force'! Thank you!!! I'm bursting with ideas and probably won't sleep till dawn. Oh well! It was worth it!

Paul Campbell
-- Restauranteur,
Queensland, Australia

This book will give you all the principles, steps and practical examples that you will need to create a simple yet powerful referral system - harnessing the marketing strength of your very own Customer Sales Force!

You may not want to go as far as Paddi has in accepting clients only by invitation, but you can still utilise the power of Paddi's system and modify it to work alongside more conventional strategies for attracting customers.

From selecting your ideal customers, to asking them for the referral, making it easy for them to tell your story, and rewarding them when they do (so that the referrals keep coming). Read how Paddi created one of the most unusual and successful referral-only businesses in the world.

Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force - E-Book

AUD $29.95

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This version is always the most up-to-date and includes any of Paddi's recent thoughts and innovations.

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