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A Brief Picture-Tour of Paddi's Practice

Discover how, as different as Paddi's business really is, his building and premises is really not out of the ordinary ... Paddi's business success, his business happiness, is NOT dependent upon his physical surroundings! You can do it, too!

Building Front

From the outside, as you can see -- or rather, as you can't -- Paddi's building has no sign. The Gold Apple and the '149' on the fascade are the only marks to indicate to arriving customers that they have found their destination.

When Paddi's Care Nurses give directions (and in the description in their 'Welcome Book') they tell people to, "Look out for the topiary trees, the ficus trees cut to look like lollipops!"

Big Lounge

Paddi has tried to create a relaxed 'coffee shop' feel to this room so that customers notice something different the moment they walk in.

Notice the Coffee Bar near the far wall. The Cappuccino Machine is on the left and the selection of Royal Doulton bone china and a variety of 40 odd teas and coffees are displayed on the wall behind. Notice, too, the fresh flowers on the tables. That is a common, and quite refreshing, theme throughout.

Cappuccino Machine

This is a closer look at Paddi's famous Cappuccino Machine. It's a Rancilio, imported direct from Italy. Nichole is demonstrating how you pull on the big handles, just as Paddi likes ... Imagine the rich sound, ssssshhhhhhheeeewww! This is the first thing you see as you walk in the door. Would make quite an impression, heh?

Dental Buns

These are Paddi's famous low fat, no sugar Dental Buns, mixed from his own receipe and baked fresh several times a day. They are actually sitting on the Coffee Bar in their own special mini-convection oven (the top is the convection part! wonderful little appliance), and as you can see, the oven is clear glass so customers can see the buns cooking. And the smell? Irresistable, of course. And it's the first thing customers smell when the walk in the door.

Hallway Garden

This is standing next to the coffee bar, looking down the hallway towards the back of Paddi's building. The Personal lounges are lined up on the left (4 of them) and the little dental surgery rooms are on the right (the same number as the lounges, each one corresponding to a specific lounge so the Care Nurses know where to take customers, without any confusion).

The wall mural at the end of the hall was hand painted by Paddi's mum, Mrs Elizabeth Lund. Mrs Lund also painted all of the other original works hanging on the walls around his practice.

This wall mural is Paddi's signature piece, however, and you'll find it used on all of Paddi's printed stationery and cover artwork, including his 'Welcome Book'. It helps to add consistency to the feel of Paddi's business, and it is immediately recognisable to anyone who is a customer.

Personal Lounge

As you walk down the hallway, there are four doors on your left, each leading into a small Personal Lounge (about 8ft or 2m sqaure). You'll get a better look below, but notice that each door has a place for a customer's name and their photograph (which the religiously take on the first visit).

Notice, too, the flowers, tissues, fresh fruits and nuts, water jug (with a sprig of mint from the garden) on its own china tray, and lace table cloth ... all this attention to detail really catches your attention when you first walk in.

Each Personal Lounge has a network connection and power source for a laptop computer (which they carry from lounge to surgery and back to keep the details of a customer's visit on hand at all times) a telephone, three tulip chairs and a 'Welcome Book'. The Care Nurse or Paddi usually sits in the chair on the right so they can use the computer, and the customer usually sits where Joe is.

The painting on the wall is one of Paddi's favourites. Mrs Lund calls it 'The Languid Wysteria'.

Dental Bed Setup

Accross the hall from the Personal Lounges, you find Paddi's surgeries. There are only a few things unique about Paddi's surgeries. Paddi doesn't like talking about his dental procedures much. There are lots of dental experts out there, and each one seems to have his own totally different view. And what fun is there in that? Paddi would rather talk about business philosophy and serving customers. He finds that so much more exciting.

With all that, though, you'll notice a few things different here. The beds, for one, are always reclined -- they don't move! And for that reason, neither does Paddi's light, both of which simplifiy his setup considerably. Notice the hand mirror so patients can be involved in their treatment, the remote control for the TV on the ceiling (which you can't see), the Pain Buzzer (shown below), the Wheat Pillow which is heated before treatment, and the sun glasses so that light or moisture don't fall uncomfortably into a customer's eyes. Attention to detail!

Pain Buzzer

One of Paddi's more unusual and effective ideas. Each customer is handed this little grey box with a big red button on top. The customer is told that if ever they are uncomfortable or in pain to press the button and Paddi will stop immediately. Most everyone presses it once for fun and to see what will happen, and then doesn't really need it anymore. Paddi's aim has been achieved. The customer feels at ease and in complete control. It builds trust, makes the customer more relaxed, and therefore makes the dentistry go much more smoothly and quickly.

It's just one of many creative ways Paddi keeps his customers involved and interested during their entire visit. I hope you've enjoyed your brief Tour through Paddi's practice.