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Kenny Doig and his associate Gill Grieg

The Priate Dental Centre, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Kenny Doig runs the Private Dental Practice Lincolnshire.

Six years ago he heard about Paddi Lund in the dental press and decided to find out more. He bought Paddi's first book "Building the Happiness Centred Business" and then, because he liked the philosophy, bought everything else he could get his hands on in order to adapt Paddi's ideas to his own working principles.

How I Didn't Want To Practice

Kenny Doig has delivered dental care for various sections of the Lincolnshire population over the last 18 years, of which he says, "the first ten years under the NHS was a huge learning experience. That training taught me what I didn't want to do for the rest of my life!

The next four years saw me develop my own philosophies through business courses and my move to more private dentistry. However, implementation of my dream could only be achieved when I opened a boutique practice based upon the Care Nurse System which is central to a truly patient focused dental practice."

At the same time, Kenny also began working with legendary UK dental business coach, Chris Barrow of the Dental Business School (yet another meaga successful client!), who helped him to transition his business management skills and approach to one that didn't rely on the NHS at all - Kenny's dental practice is now 100% private.

When asked how Paddi's philosophy has influenced his professional life, Doig responds, "While I was working for the NHS I seemed to be working harder and harder for less margins, to the point that I always seemed to struggle to find money twice a year to pay the tax man. Now I am working less clinical hours, earning more and the tax man is happy with my timely returns."

Like Paddi, Doig adopted a method of grading patients from A to D and actively filtered out the C and D patients whilst encouraging the A patients to refer their friends and families. Whilst his patients are not all A clients, Doig holds weekly team meetings where decisions are made as to whether to continue treating particular patients if they have moved down to a C or D grade patient.

Courtesy System

Doig has also adopted Paddi's Courtesy System ensuring that patients are met and greeted by name, and his staff introduce themselves. He says that although this sounds simple, you need "people people" within the team to make it work well.

Doig also introduced his own Welcome Book and created his own Critical Non-Essentials for his practice. In his case this includes a coffee machine for customers, fresh flowers in every room and lip balms.

In addition, clients that do refer other customers receive personalised thank you cards and top customers receive a Christmas present each year. He says that these are successful tools but take "a lot of effort to look effortless".

Another attraction of his practice is the free parking that customers can park in which allows them to stay and relax for as long as they want to in a town centre location.

Within Doig's practice there are 2 dentists, 2 hygienists, four care nurses, 1 reception staff and 1 practice managers (Doig's wife Judith covers both reception and acts as practice manager).

To ensure that team members buy into his philosophy Doig gives new team members a copy of Paddi's book to read when they start. This ensures that his philosophies continue as the practice grows and new members are employed.

Just Rewards

By the number of accolades that Doig's practice has achieved recently, it is obvious that he has made huge improvements to his practice, which he attributes to his change in business style after reading Paddi's books. The "icing on the cake" was received last year when the practice won Best Private Practice UK 2006.

Other awards include winning Best Employer, Best Practice and Best Team Member and Best Senior Care Nurse (both for Samantha Wright). He believes these awards, "are a tribute to my staff's attention to detail and the care delivered based on the principles I laid down after reading Paddi's books."

Contact the Source

Kenny has kindly offered to post his contact details here. If you'd like to speak with him directly to ask more specifically about his transition to private practice, please write to ...

Dr Kenny Doig by e-mail,
or call on +44 1205 723951 (home number) in Lincolnshire

This Success Profile kindly compiled for Private Dentistry Magazine UK by... Michelle Hurd, AB Communications, email:, in support of Paddi's upcoming seminar tour to the UK.