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The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials®

Systemise the 'Little Things' in your business and deliver an incredible experience about which customers will rave!

How Dr Paddi Lund focused on the 'Critical Non-Essentials'® in his business and created one of the most talked about professional service business in the world.

Paddi's Frustrating Problem
Lack of faith in his professional expertise inhibited buying decisions

Paddi's Creative Solution
A system for improving customer's perception of quality.

Imagine your customers never questioning your quality or being a fly on the wall over hearing your customers describe your business in glowing terms to their friends! This system will change your perception of "customer experience" and you can read the complete story of the CNe's in The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials®.

Introducing the Critical Non-Essentials®

In Paddi's business the little things make all the difference. The actual quality of dentistry really doesn't have much impact - Paddi could do his dentistry a variety of ways and most people wouldn't really know what quality of care they've had.

And yet Paddi's customers do have the perception that the quality of dentistry is high, extremely high. Why?
  • Because the tea is served impeccably,
  • Because their names and their photographs are actually on the door of their personal lounges.
  • Because they're greeted by name by their own Care Nurse when they ring the doorbell.

Because these and a myriad of other little things are all done with great care and consideration like,
  • The Dental Buns,
  • The cappuccino machine,
  • The fresh flowers, and
  • The array of dried fruits and nuts.

I love the book and how easy it is to read. Our clinic is having a day to do some work on our business and our focus will be on developing our 'Avoiding Average Program' and of course, Paddi's book is a large resource for us.

We need some more copies please so each team member has their own!

June Copeman
The Foot Clinic
ACT, Australia

How Do Customers Perceive Your Quality?

When you begin to understand what customers remember about your business, you will realise that it's rarely associated with the core part of what you do.

This book is about two parts of business. Both areas are "in-essentials" in that they are outside the "core part" of what you do. They are parts of business that are not strictly necessary in order for you to operate your business.

However, in spite of being usually seen as inessentials, both these parts of business are highly critical to success. I am sure you already work with these inessentials of business. Paddi's insights in these two aspects of commerce will give you a whole new way of making your business magical, which is why Paddi calls them the Critical Non-Essentials®.

The CNe's and Paddi's Favourite: Super CNe's

Paddi and one of his favourite Super CNe's - the Gold Cappuccino Machine!
The first Paddi likes to call the CNe's (pronounced See Nees): the Critical Non-Essentials®. These are the little things in business that are so important in determining how clients judge your product - even though they have very little to do with the product itself.

The second are the Super-CNe's. Again seemingly inessential, but in this case taken to the extreme they inject a zing into your business - the Wow! Factor. The Super-CNe's give people an incredible story to tell their friends, and that will give you an enormous amount of free advertising.

How did Paddi discover these principles? And how do they work in other businesses? You will find out in this little tale.

The Critical Non-Essentials - E-Book

AUD $29.95

An enhanced electronic version with increased interactive functionality for those who want to read the story NOW.

This version is always the most up-to-date and includes any of Paddi's recent thoughts and innovations.

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