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Training Customers to Treasure Your Business

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Creating customers who are anxious to buy from you, love what you do, and are happy to pay what you ask!

Learn how Dr Paddi Lund uses the principles of education in his marketing to help customers value his services ... even before they visit for the first time!

Simple Education, an Ideal Result

How is it that a simple book that Paddi sends to customers before they visit for the first time can do what seems so idealistic in business ... excite customers so much that they,

  • Love being a part of his business,
  • Really want what he has to offer, and
  • Are happy to pay what he asks in return!

You must admit, Paddi has an incredible relationship with his customers and he seems to have created such an enviable position for himself.

Imagine if you could educate your customers to be just as you want them to be?

Imagine if you could pick your customers, and choose only the wonderful ones? How would that be? Well, Paddi has learned how to do just that.

So what has that to do with the education of customers? It is Paddi's conjecture that the education of your customers is a vital (but often neglected) way to improve your business and make your enterprise happier and more profitable.

This text is a collection of stories, lessons and principles that Paddi has learned along the way to building his current, extra-ordinary business

I thought this text was a tremendous help. I could understand the material easily and quickly. The stories drew me in and I read voraciously. It was quite easy to see how Paddi chose his path and overcame his obstacles.

I tell my friends, don't underestimate the power and potential of 'simple'. These insights are crucial to your future success at being happy & profitable. Give this information a chance and you will not regret it. If you don't try these concepts, you will envy your colleagues that do!

Kevin Adair
San Diego, California

position. This book is about how training and educating your customers is not only possible, it's perhaps the easiest, most leveraged, most effective form of marketing you can undertake.

A Few Unusual Ideas

These are a few of the more unusual ideas you will find within these pages...

  • Learn how to fire Customers
  • Find out how to gain a great advantage by having fewer customers.
  • Discover how $50 per person spent on people you might never see as customers is actually money well spent.

Sounds exciting? Perhaps a little scary? You may be thinking that if you follow these ideas you won't have any business left at all. While these ideas may not sound very sensible now, stick with Paddi and I think he will show you otherwise.

Remember that this book is about training, more specifically it is about the education of customers. An unusual subject for a business book, but not so much so when you consider how integral a part of your marketing it will become.

Training Customers to Treasure Your Business - E-Book

AUD $29.95

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