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What attendees say...

From Tom Orent of 1000 Gems...
Hi Fletcher and Paddi,

Thank YOU for a GREAT presentation. I thought Paddi was RIGHT ON.
Charming, captivating, and the audience random comments to me afterwards
have ONLY been positive.

If I were an audience member I would have bought EVERYTHING you had on that table.

Thanks guys!

Warm regards to all,


Tom Orent
1000 Gems

From Rick Payne of the Principa Accounting Group...

Hi Fletcher, Paddi and Loretta,

I can't tell you how much we appreciate your huge contribution to the success of our conference. Paddi, you really are a genius and an inspiration to me personally. You're a great presenter with a great message to share with the world.

We'll get the feedback on your program to you asap. The worst comment was that both you and Paul were pushed for time (our fault) apart from that the comments ranged from great to fantastic, awesome, fabulous etc. etc.

It was really nice to see Loretta again and to meet Jo. You have such nice people working with you and I understand why. Please thank them both for joining us for the day.

I'm looking forward to doing some more things with you in the meantime, Kerry and I thank you both so much for everything you do and the way you do it.

Kind Regards,

Ric Payne

President & CEO
Building Better Business.

From Martin in Cornwall, UK...

I felt I must write to you to explain how you changed my life as a dentist!

About five years ago I attended a full day seminar given by you. You had the flu and could hardly speak, but it was the most fascinating and enjoyable day I had ever attended.

I left in a daze and could not possibly recall everything I had learnt, so on the way home I stopped at a restaurant and ate the best seafood and Chablis I could afford. I spent two hours pondering your philosophy of life and made plans for my own. That meal will be remembered as it seemed to me to epitomise what I had learnt during the day: quality not quantity is what matters, infusing your character into your dental practice or business and most important of all making certain your business is totally fulfilling and fun.

I dreamed of a practice where I could look at the sea, where the environment was one of total relaxation, where there was no traditional dental waiting room, where the emphasis was on prevention, where the hygienists and Care Nurses took much of the workload off the dentist, where those coming for care did not feel they were in a dental practice.

Anyway, I've done it! The practice is called Waterside Dental Care and your name ought to be above the door! We've been up and running since January, and the practice is a great success.

The team are really happy, and so am I thanks to Paddi.

Thanks again,

Martin Wills
Cornwall, UK

From Ken in New Zealand...

May I congratulate you on an awesome evening with Paddi in Palmerston North! I regard myself very fortunate in being present.

One question I would appreciate if you could pass on to Paddi: Simply how did you overcome the fear of making mistakes?

(Paddi answered tonge in cheek, "I didn't, I'm just very brave!" where in reality the answer is Paddi made many small changes over time.)

I am still reading Building the Happiness Centred Business over and over!!!

Thanking you,

Ken Young
Lower Hutt, New Zealand