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Chainsaw & Reception Desk!
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Paddi's famous espresso machine
The dental buns
The tea set
Real coffee, dental buns and fine china are all part of Paddi's customer experience!
Dr Paddi Lund is
The Crazy Australian Dentist!

Crazy? Because to improve his sales he actually:
  • Pulled down all his signs and locked his front door,
  • Took his name out of the phone book,
  • "Fired" more than half his customers,
  • Sawed up his reception desk and installed a Cappuccino Machine instead!
  • Now bakes fresh dental buns for clients, and
  • Serves 30+ varieties of tea in fine bone china.
Yet now with his successful sales techniques -
  • Only accepts new clients by referral
  • Works 23hrs/wk & earns 2.5 times the income,
  • Loves going work & is really happy!

Dr Paddi Lund has completely redefined the customer experience, successful sales techniques and referral marketing. Learn how Paddi did it - including step by step how you, too, can improve sales and mix business, happiness and profits!

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USA Seminar: Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit!

Atlanta, GA - Saturday 25 October, 2014

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The Crazy Dentist: Inspiration to Improve Sales and Referral Marketing

Do you feel overworked and underpaid, with no possible way out?
  • Do you regularly work 10-12 hour days in your business?
  • Do you feel that you have to take on every new client, or your company will go down the tube?
  • Are you giving your customers less-than-ideal service, simply because you and your team are so busy and stressed out?

Dr Paddi Lund can help you build your business AND your happiness! Thousands of businesses around the world are now using the amazing and inspirational story of Paddi Lund to:
  • Improve sales and increase their income
  • Serve their customers better with fewer difficult clients
  • Improve their perceived value with proven selling techniques
  • Generate far more sales through referral marketing than ever before

You can start bringing Paddi's revolutionary 'business of happiness' ideas into your own daily work life today, by ordering Paddi's books in a Value Pack, or by single titles.

Paddi's Proven Business Success Manuals

Inspiration is one thing ... a complete working guide to implementing these incredible principles in your own business is another thing entirely! Learn for yourself how to implement Paddi's ideas, through one of his guidebooks for business success. You can purchase:
  • Building the Happiness Centred Business
  • The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials
  • Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force
  • Original Paddi Audio Story - CDs and On-Line Edition

Start the change today with one of Paddi's books ... don't languish in an overworked, underpaid environment another day!

There are also great Value Packs available, incorporating a collection of Paddi's titles at great-value prices. Check them out and start on your journey today!

Dr Paddi Lund is the crazy Australian dentist!

Often it is the willingness to put seemingly crazy ideas into action that brings enormous happiness into our lives! Dr Paddi Lund's story is a major inspiration for innovative selling techniques and sales management programs that defy all logic and break all the rules of conventional sales theory.

Dr Paddi Lund's books are about improving sales with successful selling techniques. They're available in paperback, audio and ebook format as a physical reference for you as you move forward on your business journey.