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On-line Digital Edition
AUD $149.00
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Paddi Story Video DVDs & On-line Combo
AUD $247.00
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The Complete Paddi Video Story

Transforming the Experienceģ

This Video DVD is a recording of a 'sold out' seminar in London where over 500 dentists and business people alike were enraptured with Paddi's unusual business story. Here is what Paddi covers:

Most business teams provide very adequate products and services, work hard and feel they are performing a worthwhile task. However they are often lacking in the ability to do some important things:

  • To work together without time-wasting friction,
  • To find really good customers,
  • To make certain that customers are appreciative and are happy to pay healthy prices,
  • To have unstressed days that donít send everyone home to their loved ones completely drained of energy.

The goal of this programme is to help you learn how to:

  • Communicate more effectively,
  • Generate trust with team and customers,
  • Give customers positive stories to tell,
  • Enjoy talking about fees and prices,
  • Identify unique strengths to generate a more exclusive business,
  • Find customers that are committed to your success,
  • Have a happier business life.

This video DVD is a great way to introduce Paddi's story, an example of Thinking Differently, and unusually effective business ideas to your own business team.

It's broken down into chapters and sections that are ideal for 'watch & discuss' team development meetings.