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The Original Paddi Audio Story

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If you can't see Paddi in person, you might like to purchase a recording of one of Paddi's best presentations to review in your own time.

In his own inimitable way - sipping tea and lounging in a well-stuffed settee - Paddi chats with 600 or so business owners and their team members in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have heard some of Paddi's unconventional ideas about successfully mixing business, happiness and money, Paddi in Las Vegas will introduce you to Paddi's most exciting concepts.

Paddi enjoys his work and rarely gives presentations or leaves his native Australia. It took a lot of convincing, but Paddi finally agreed to travel to far off Las Vegas.

This program is for those who may never have the chance to visit with Paddi 'in the flesh'. You hear Paddi speaking to a Dental audience, but you will find his stimulating new ideas and his unusual slant on old wisdoms, are pertinent to you whatever your business.

The Path of Discovery

When you listen to Paddi's presentation and read his insights, you will discover a new way to approach your business. Paddi describes himself as just a crazy dentist, but to many people who have seen him, he is actually a very fulfilled individual who is showing a new path for business into the new millennium.

Watch this Video Trailer Preview of one of Paddi's presentations...

Paddi is a Little Strange

You probably realise that Paddi's presentation is not like that of a run-of-the mill speaker. His irreverent humour and bizarre stories tax the limits of his listener's comfort zone -- tales of death, insanity, torture and fellmongers -- but Paddi uses them with remarkable effect to bring alive the principles that he shares.

Paddi in Las Vegas will give you an hors d'oeuvre of Paddi's ideas -- not all the unusual ways Paddi has changed his business, but enough ideas to keep you changing your business for quite a few years.

Serious Questions...

Paddi asks questions about areas that have challenged everyone in business at some time or another. Questions about subjects like:

  • Happiness and fulfillment at work,
  • Bad debts,
  • Keeping good employees,
  • Igniting people's passion for work and,
  • Making a healthy profit without working yourself into an early grave.

Paddi addresses all these questions, and more - and he comes up with unusual solutions that seem almost too simplistic to be viable.